When Disaster Strikes We, and UMCOR, are There


Haiti, Afghanistan, Hurricane Ida; affecting Louisiana and Mississippi, and potentially West Virginia….all of these places are on our hearts and we join in prayers for safety and the well-being of the people in harm’s way.

We give thanks for the connection of United Methodist Churches around the world who together share resources so that we may respond to disasters. Right now what is needed is prayer, lots of prayers, and financial assistance. Those with Emergency Response Training are urged NOT to self-deploy but await further instructions.

To learn more about, and to support, the work of UMCOR in Haiti please follow this link.

To learn more about the work of UMCOR in the United States around natural disasters such as Hurricane Ida, please follow this link.

As always, by giving through The Advance, 100% of your donation reaches your chosen mission project or ministry.

WVUMC Disaster Response coordinator, Dan Lowther reminds everyone to be safe and to be prepared, in case floodwaters rise in your community.

To learn more about Disaster Response, as well as the New Vision Depot, in the West Virginia Conference please follow this link.

Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball shares this prayer re: Hurricane Ida and the communities affected: