2020 Celebration of Mission Funds Go to Ministries around WVUMC

By WV UMC Admin

The Celebration of Mission Event (COME) is one of the major giving projects for the West Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. Despite challenging circumstances in 2020, a total of $46,985.74 has been donated by the churches, organizations and individuals.

Although this amount is only about half the total received during a normal year, it is an exceptional show of support for our Conference Mission Ministries, since the COVID-19 coronavirus prevented any gatherings for District Celebration of Mission Events or District Conferences, which are the normal channels for raising COME funds.

The distribution of cash funds received through July 7 has been completed.  COME has provided a cash distribution of $4,500.00 for each of our seven Conference Mission Projects, Volunteers in Mission and New Vision Depot, plus $2,250.00 for our one Church and Community Ministry at Clarksburg. 

In addition, 10% of undesignated funds, or $4,235.74, has been placed in the Conference Mission Projects Trust Fund, administered by the UM Foundation and from which each Conference Mission Ministry receives an annual distribution ($1,082.34 in 2020).

On behalf of our ministries, sincere thanks for the continued support you have given to the Celebration of Mission Event under these trying circumstances.  COME contributions may continue to be sent to the Conference Treasurer until December 31, when another distribution will be made of funds received.  Please be aware that every cent received is distributed to our mission ministries for their work, as there are overhead expenses.

Additional information, including the COME Booklet, is posted on the Conference website, or you can contact Rev. Clifford Schell, Conference COME Coordinator, at cliffschell@frontier.com.  

Distribution of 2020 Celebration of Mission Event Funds
Received Through July 7, 2020

Mission ProjectDesignated FundsUndesignated FundsTotal Distribution
UM Foundation Trust$ 0.00$4,235.74$4,235.74
Heart+Hand Outreach Ministry$ 50.00$4,450.00$4,500.00
Ebenezer$ 150.00$4,350.00$4,500.00
Heart and Hand – Phil$ 700.00$3,800.00$4,500.00
House of Carpenter$ 950.00*$3,550.00$4,500.00
Scott’s Run$ 00.00$4,500.00$4,500.00
Tyrand Coop. Ministry$1,100.00$3,400.00$4,500.00
Upshur Parish House$375.00$4125.00$4,500.00
VIM$ 0.00$4,500.00$4,500.00
Clarksburg Parish$ 0.00$2,250.00$2,250.00
New Vision Depot$1,350.00 ^$3,150.00$4,500.00
* Includes $475.00 Direct Gift to the House of the Carpenter.
^ Includes $100.00 Direct Gift to New Vision Depot.