Simpson Memorial UMC marks 152 years of service


Simpson Memorial United Methodist Church, one of our Conference’s Historically African American Churches, recently celebrated 152 years of service in downtown Charleston. Below are the closing remarks from the anniversary worship services, delivered by Church Council Chair Vince Davis:

“Good evening esteemed clergy, church family and friends. I give praise and honor to God this day as we gather in celebration of 152 years of service in the Charleston community; because God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Our founders would be over joyed to see the legacy that began 152 years ago is still thriving and doing work in the community. Imagine being “freed” from bonds of slavery, experiencing World wars and numerous conflicts here and abroad. From an age of outhouses to indoor plumbing; from horse and buggy to an age of automobiles, air planes, space travel, not to mention TV, cellular phones, and the infamous internet. Yes they would be truly be amazed and astounded. Congregants past and present nurtured souls to Christ Jesus, despite the inhuman treatment of people of color, through Jim Crow, through disenfranchisement caused by the building of the interstate highway system, yet we are still here. In time as recent as the early 2000’s the idea was presented to six congregations to merge into one church. Our choice was to remain where we were and do the things we were nurtured to do; to encourage others to Christ Jesus, stand against injustice and nurture the poor, who often have no voice. Yes we are still here, fewer in numbers possibly, but praying, worshiping and praising God as our founders and spiritual mentors taught us.

“I would like to take this moment to thank the 2018 Anniversary Committee, the Nurture Committee and all those that worked to make this celebration possible. A special thanks to our visiting connection members from Highland Avenue UMC and St. Stephen UMC for celebrating with us and making this special day even more special.”

Vince Davis, Church Council Chairperson