Mystery Guests

What do people who visit your church for the first time really think?

All churches are looking to reach new people in their communities. One of our challenges is that it is often hard for us to “see the forest for the trees.” Most of us have been in church so long it is almost impossible for us to experience our church as a first-time guest. 

Faith Perceptions is an organization who will partner with the local church and conference to recruit, hire and train unchurched people to worship at a church and then provide us with a very comprehensive report of those experiences.

You can learn more by visiting their website HERE

There is a cost for this service. Pastors and churches who have completed a Church Self-Study, attended at least one Workshop, and are engaged in the Congregational Vitality Initiative Leadership Development program will qualify for a 50% grant for the cost of this service. Contact Ken Willard prior to engaging with Faith Perceptions.

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