Local Church Websites

One of the priorities of the
West Virginia Conference communications team
is to equip and empower
local church leaders
to be able to share their stories
more effectively. 



As we have learned since the beginning of the pandemic, local churches with an online presence (which includes Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and/or a website) are better able to connect with their members and their community.

This is why we offer FREE websites to West Virginia Conference churches using one of two templates custom designed for us.

These templates include plug-ins and a basic architecture that allows local churches to share their stories with features that include Sermon Archives, custom pages and navigation, the ability to link to online giving, 5gigs of storage and more!

After a consultation with a member of our website team we are able to get a website launched in a short amount of time. Training is offered via zoom for your local church communications team and support is also provided by our communications team, led by Abbi Blosser.

The websites are hosted on secure servers provided by UM Communications. The total cost of the website ($65/year) as well as set up and training, is covered through your apportionment giving.

In addition there is a WVUMC Website Developers Facebook group, monthly small group and quarterly e-news - all provided for mutual support. We know that building a team of leaders in the local church is crucial. We hope that if you're ready to launch a new website, or move your existing website over to one of our WVUMC branded templates, that you'll contact us: Click here to send an email to get things started. 

We even have a "Website 101" course on the WVUMC Online learning platform Portico. Follow this link to watch the course with your local church communications team.

*We've mentioned TEAM a couple of times on this page. Another priority of WVUMC Communications is to help local churches and districts form disciple-making teams. When we work together we are able to lean into our gifts and the gifts of others more faithfully. The responsibility for any online presence should never be on the shoulders of one person, whether they are laity or clergy. Just as Jesus sent out the 72 two by two, we strongly encourage that you find one or two other people with 'bright eyes' to serve on your local church communications team. If you'd like to learn more about the WVUMC Communications Team please contact Deborah Coble, Director of Communications. 

To God be the glory!


Mountain Top Ministries, Franklin, WV has a great example of the Sermon Archives feature. Visit https://franklinwvumc.org/


Tennerton UMC, in the Greenbrier/Wesleyan District uses the calendar functionality really well. Visit https://tennertonumc.org/ and check it out. 


WordPress is the basic architecture for the websites. This is an industry standard and allows for a lot of flexibility.