LEAD 3: Communications Small Groups

We give thanks for the hundreds of people who stepped up and stepped into new roles in local church communications over the past two years!

We also acknowledge that some people need a place to share their joys, concerns and yes frustrations with a group of others who are serving in the same roles.

So - the WVUMC Communications Team is proud to introduce Leadsmall groups!

Based on the principles of leaders across the West Virginia Conference:

Loving, Learning, Leading (the WVUMC Conference Leadership Standards)

Engage, Empower, Equip (the WVUMC Communications Team strategy)

Affinity (support for specific areas of interest)

Discover, Develop, Deploy (from the WVUMC Mission statement)

Read more below about each affinity group and follow links to register for the first gatherings!

Online Worship
Churches of all sizes are realizing that Online Worship is a vibrant opportunity to reach new people for Christ!This group will meet on the 4th Monday of every month.Follow this link to register for the recurring meeting time. The group will gather via zoom from 6-7:00pm

The Lead3 Online Worship Small Group team gathered together to record their ReConnect Communications Summit Presentation - take a look for a sample of what to expect from this small group!

Social Media and Church Marketing

Social media has become an important tool for churches, families, and individuals to connect with each other. But what platform works the best? How do I craft a good post and how can I get more people to engage in our content? These are some of the questions this group will explore.

The group will meet the 4th Thursday of the month from 6:00-7:00pm


Local church websites are becoming an important tool for churches across the West Virginia Conference. From a website churches can reach people who are 'google searching' for communities of faith as well as provide a comprehensive place for church members to learn more about the church and its activities.
Follow this link to register for the
May 17th gathering via zoom. The group will meet from 6-7 pm.


Whether you're writing a newsletter, short story, reflection or creating a meme - these all involve writing! This small group will lift up and celebrate best practices in story telling, so that your churches story draws people closer to Christ!
The Writers Group gathers via zoom on the 4th Tuesday of the month. The group will meet from 6-7:00pm.

For some communications Best Practices follow this link.

To reach your WVUMC Communications team follow this link to email us!