HealthFlex Benefits Plan – Effective January 1, 2022


Benefit Access for HealthFlex is now available for new participants to register and make sure their account is active prior to Open Enrollment, which will be from November 3-18. Participants who utilize the retirement and pension plans should already have an account. Please verify that you are able to log in to the Benefit Access portal. Follow this link to register as a new user or to verify your log in information!


ALEX benefits counselor is available! This is a tool HealthFlex provides that helps estimate costs and offers a personalized recommendation for a participant's 2022 HealthFlex Elections. ALEX will remain available throughout the Annual Election period (November 3-18) and participants can visit as often as they would like.

Follow this link to access ALEX.

Remember, ALEX does NOT make or save elections.  Participants will still need to go to Benefits Access during Open Enrollment and make their elections.


Open Enrollment for the HealthFlex plan will be November 3 - 18, with coverage beginning January 1, 2022. 

*Please note: The plan change to HealthFlex will only impact active participants. Retired clergy and active clergy who are on Medicare will continue to participate in the Medicare Supplement Plan through Benefit Assistance Company.

The recordings of the HealthFlex webinars are now available:

WVUMC - HealthFlex Webinar

WVUMC - HealthFlex Exchange


WVUMC - Health Accounts

Worksheet to Help Calculate Participant Premiums
Use the above Excel worksheet with drop-down menus to select your plans for medical, HSA/FSA, dental, and vision so it helps calculate total monthly and annual costs.

2022 Health Plan Premiums
- Please note that the medical, dental, and vision plans have separate premiums.

HealthFlex Plan Comparison (PDF)
- This document outlines the unique features of each of the six medical plan options, as well as the three dental plan options and two vision plan options.

HealthFlex Waiver Form
- If you are not participating in the HealthFlex plan, the waiver form is REQUIRED. All waiver forms must be submitted to Kathy Damron at by November 18, 2021. A waiver is not approved until you receive a return copy with the Plan Sponsor’s signature included. If the reason for declining health coverage is not one of 5 reasons indicated on the form, the charge will be billed as if the pastor is participating.

Helpful Information

HealthFlex is a wellness-driven group health plan that offers participants expanded benefits including:

  • several options for medical, dental, and vision, allowing individuals and families to tailor their plan to their needs.
  • participants will have access to a strong wellness plan, which includes an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), health coaching, a diabetes prevention program,
  • some plans include contributions to Health Savings Accounts (HSA).
    Learn more about HSA's here.

HealthFlex Plan Presentation (Powerpoint) - This presentation was given by HealthFlex representatives to the committee appointed by the Board of Pensions to research and review potential new health plan options.

HealthFlex Website

If you have additional questions after reviewing this helpful information please contact Jamion Wolford at or Abbi Blosser at

Watch the HealthFlex Webinar
on the new WVUMC Health Plan