Virgin Pulse Health Benefit

A healthier lifestyle may be the most difficult personal improvement to undertake, but even small changes can make a big difference. To jump-start your fitness plan, the West Virginia Conference in partnership with the Wespath Center for Health offers the Virgin Pulse physical activity program.

Virgin Pulse participants receive an activity tracker to monitor progress toward health goals and rewards. Participants: wear the activity tracker at all times and accrue steps when you walk, run, bike, play basketball or tennis, golf, dance or take part in any other physical activities you enjoy. Earn Points for accumulating steps or “active minutes”—which are recorded when your activity tracker counts at least 135 steps in a minute for higher intensity activity.

Points translate into rewards like Pulse cash, paid on a quarterly basis.

Virgin Pulse is available to all WVUMC conference clergy and laity who participate in the Conference Pension program.  The rewards-based program is not available for individual enrollment.

Follow this link to sign up today!  Enter Wespath as your sponsoring organization.

Once you sign up you have an opportunity to link to your current device (Fitbit, phone or IWatch) or you may order a step and fitness tracker from Virgin Pulse.