Daily Prayer with Bishop Sandra

Bishop Sandra invites you to join her in a season of prayer and discernment.

Daily Prayer videos are posted at 7:00 am daily on the WVUMC website as well as on the WVUMC Facebook page.

You will find that prayer is so much more than sitting quietly with your hands folded and eyes closed. Bishop Sandra leads us each day to learn how prayer is an ever-deepening relationship with God, and a way to discern our relationship with God and neighbor and our call as beloved children of God.

May you be richly blessed in these weeks of praying together.

Today our country celebrates Martin Luther King Jr Day - so we pause to give thanks for the gift that Dr. King was, his legacy, and the hope that we have as we seek to continue his legacy.
How we treat others, makes a difference. How we speak of others makes a difference. Let us use this day as an opportunity to examine our own lives and how we reflect God's love in all that we say and do.

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Today is Human Relations Day in the United Methodist Church, a Sunday that we seek to connect more deeply with one another, the beloved community of God, in our neighborhoods and around the world.
Saturday mornings are for Psalms!
This Saturday morning Bishop Sandra invites us to pray along with her as she prays Psalm 67.
What word from the psalm captures your heart, spirit, or imagination?
This morning Bishop Sandra reflects on a passage from Titus - and the importance of balance in our day to day lives. How do we build balance in our lives so that we may do good, do no harm and stay in love with God?
Today Bishop Sandra lifts up partnerships and the ministries of New Vision Depot, WV Volunteers and Mission, and the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia as well as the faithfulness of the West Virginia Conference in her daily prayer.
A new year can often mean a new leadership team in our local churches. This morning Bishop Sandra leads us in prayer for the laity who are serving as officers and leaders in our local churches.
She also lifts up our new West Virginia Conference Lay Leadership team: Kristi Wilkerson, Eva Faulkner, and Kim Matthews.
May God inspire, encourage, and equip all of our leaders to glorify God in service to our local faith communities.
Bishop Sandra invites us to pray for postal workers and other service providers, those who consistently go above and beyond to provide much needed services for us all.
This morning Bishop Sandra urges us to consider the needs of the most vulnerable; the children in our communities. As followers of Christ, we have a responsibility to lift up the voices and needs of our children.
Today is National Human Trafficking Day, a day when we are encouraged to become more aware of, pray for, and advocate for, our children and the victims of human trafficking. #wearblueday
To learn more about human trafficking follow this link: https://www.dhs.gov/blue-campaign/wearblueday
Today we celebrate the Baptism of Christ! Bishop Sandra helps us to remember our Baptism, and give thanks for the gift of baptism.
She invites us to consider how we are living into our identity as a Christian witness to the world, a beloved child of God.
This morning Bishop Sandra lifts up in prayer our legislators, our congress; those who are elected to serve our country, both close to home and far away.
Won't you join us in prayer this day for our leaders?
This morning the prayer that Jesus taught his disciples, The Lord's Prayer, is our text for reflection and centering prayer.
Bishop Sandra invites us to pause throughout the day to pray this prayer and to ask ourselves some important questions about how The Lord's Prayer can (and does) shape our lives and witness.
This morning Bishop Sandra shares some thoughts about connections, and how this time of Covid has caused us to rethink and re-learn ways of connecting with one another.

She also lifts up the name and memory of one of our active pastors, Rev. Vicki Shepherd, who died earlier this week, and acknowledges the hurts we are experiencing from not being able to gather together to mourn losses in our own faith communities.

Who needs you to say the name of a loved one who has recently died? Who needs to feel the connection that comes from a faith community? Are you ready to use the resources at hand: zoom, phone, even snail mail, to connect with a faith friend?

Join Bishop Sandra for this time of prayer and reflection as we celebrate Epiphany! Bishop Sandra will share the traditional passage, from Matthew 2 and reflect on the journey of the magi as they sought the light that interestingly enough no one else in Jerusalem seemed interested in...hmmmm.

Are we too missing out on this great gift of God's light and love that IS Jesus? Who needs to hear a message of light and life this Epiphany season?