Daily Prayer: Special Session of General Conference

General Conference 2019 Setup
Daily Prayers for the West Virginia Conference of The United Methodist Church
shared by Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball

A Prayer for Saturday

On this day of prayer, we turn to you, Almighty God, trusting in Your presence and Your grace.  Help us as we passionately seek Your presence during these challenging times and circumstances to trust that you are moving in, through, and around our lives.

As we pray with you and one another, help us to be thankful for another day, for the air we breathe, for the food we eat, for our health, shelter, clothing, and for our faith community.  Help us to also be thankful for the things, the challenges, and people who help us to learn and grow in life, in grace, in faith.

Today as delegates, Bishops, visitors, and people around the world join together in prayer, we ask for a fresh wind of Your Spirit.  We ask for Your guidance for each of us as individuals, for our faithful congregations, and for the community of United Methodists around the world.

We ask for Your wisdom and presence particularly for those who have been called to serve as delegates to the Special Session of General Conference. Grant them clarity and a spirit of discernment as they seek to listen for You in their midst. Reveal to them Your deep desire for the future of The United Methodist Church.

Help all of us to sit with You in reverence and awe and listen deeply for the still small voice that calls us, comforts us, and invites us to enter fully and live wholly into the Kingdom life that You desire for us. We pray all of this in the name of Jesus, the Christ.


A Prayer for Friday

Gracious and loving God, please watch over those who are traveling to St. Louis today for the called session of General Conference. For the delegates who are traveling from around the world, give them the assurance that you are with them.  Give them hearts of peace in order that they may hear your voice and see your presence in the brothers and sisters in Christ who are gathering together to seek and discern a way forward for Your Church.

For the visitors making their way to the Conference, help them to not just be observers or to be present only to support what they believe is the right way, but encourage them to be persons who will pray for our delegates and the Church and for a future where we will again refocus on the mission that Christ gave to the church:  to make disciples of all people.

For the congregations and pastors who watch and wait from home, help them to remember that you, dear Lord, are indeed “alive and go before us, to show and share what love can do.”  Your promise is that you will be with us always, even to the end of the ages.  Your presence fills us with hope.  Your presence with us reminds us of your promise of new life. Your presence empowers us and enables transformation. For this, we can give thanks and praise.

We are not alone! The best of all: Christ is with us!