Connectional Giving Resources

In the West Virginia Conference, we are focused on
making disciples of Jesus Christ

for the transformation of the world.
Jesus commissioned his followers to
go out and make disciples of all nations
                                                (Matthew 28:19-20)

and directed them to love each other as he loved them
                                                (John 15:12)

Within our United Methodist Connection, every congregation is connected in ministry with our entire conference, active with others around the world in ministry. Our connection provides the framework and relationships for the Holy Spirit’s work of transforming the world and for the love of Christ to be made known.

Every congregation is part of this ministry that has both local and global impact. As we grow as disciples, reaching out in love, we are part of God’s work of transformation. Regardless of location or size, every congregation in the West Virginia Conference shares in this ministry of transformation: mission projects, camping ministry, disaster response, campus ministry, equipping lay & clergy ministry leaders, and more!

Connectional giving—what we call the Fair Share apportioned to each congregation—is like the lifeblood of ministries that change individual lives. Financial support is an essential part of making ministry happen. Through our combined, generous financial giving, God is able to join us in ministry with others throughout our conference and around the world.

Each year at our annual conference, we approve the total conference budget for the next year. That total budget is then apportioned to each local church as their “fair share” of the total amount.

These resource links are designed to help you tell this story of the amazing power of connectional giving. Please use these resources to share this good news: that we are joined in Christ, and together we have the potential to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

"Our big and small efforts in our local churches are amplified when we combine them,
and there is no way we could achieve all of this without each other.
We all benefit from the love of Christ, and we amplify that love when we give together,
just as Jesus invited us to do…”
“We support ministries that offer refuge in times of disaster, promote peace and justice,
feed the hungry and give shelter to those in need, provide scholarships
to those who would never normally receive them, develop communities
and teach skills to encourage self-sufficiency."
"We are called to give. Jesus asked us to do so to be able to share his love everywhere.
Giving is one way we worship, and when we give for the benefit of someone else,
we are following the scripture to love one another as Jesus has loved us." 
Linda Bruner, UMCOM