¶ 632. Conference Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns
1. There shall be in every annual conference a conference Committee on Ethnic Local Church Concerns or other structure to provide for these basic functions and to maintain connectional relationship.

  1. It shall provide for these functions:
  2. a) Keeping the vision of ethnic local church concerns before the annual conference;
  3. b) Providing guidance and resources to churches in the annual conference as they minister with and to ethnic constituencies;
  4. c) Coordinating annual conference strategies related to ethnic local church concerns including general church emphases and initiatives;
  5. d) Providing a forum for dialogue among the ethnic constituencies, as well as with annual conference agencies;
  6. e) Providing training for annual conference and congregational leaders;
  7. f) Promoting and interpreting ethnic local church concerns to the annual conference; and
  8. g) Working with annual conferences to identify and nurture leaders, lay and clergy, of ethnic communities.
  9. The membership of this committee shall be nominated and elected by established procedures of the annual conference. The annual conference shall determine the number and composition of the membership of the committee. It is recommended that the committee be constituted so that the majority of the membership be representative of racial and ethnic people, reflecting the racial and ethnic constituencies and local churches of the annual conference (¶ 705.3). Care should be taken, where feasible, to ensure balance of membership with clergy and laity, men and women, youth and young adults.