2023 Health Benefits

Active Participants

Open enrollment will be from November 2-17, with changes effective January 1.

You can find the 2023 health insurance rates here.

2023 Premium Calculator

ALEX Benefits Counselor is a great tool to help health plan participants figure out which health plans are right for them. You can visit as often as you need to in order to figure out what you need!

ALEX is now updated for 2023! Head to ALEX Benefits Counselor to walk through your plan options. 

In the meantime, check out the How Do I Choose? document.

More about the HealthFlex Plan:

The health insurance plan offered by the West Virginia Conference is HealthFlex through WesPath. HealthFlex is a wellness-driven group health plan that offers participants expanded benefits including:

  • several options for medical, dental, and vision, allowing individuals and families to tailor their plan to their needs.
  • HRA, HSA, and FSA options to help cover healthcare costs.
  • access to a strong wellness plan, which includes an Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), health coaching, a diabetes prevention program.

HealthFlex Website

Virgin Pulse Health Benefit

If you have questions, you can call the HealthFlex Team at 1-800-851-2201 (option 2).

If you've misplaced your ID card, please call HealthFlex at to have a new one sent. You can print a temporary ID card to carry until the new card comes using the instructions below:

How to Print Your ID Card

Important: Claims from dates of service up to December 31, 2021 will still be processed under the prior health plan through Benefit Assistance Corporation. Claims from dates of service beginning January 1, 2022 will be processed through HealthFlex.

If you have additional questions after reviewing the information on this page, please contact:

Teresa Bellamy at 304-344-8331, ext. 41 or tbellamy@wvumc.org

Jamion Wolford at 304-344-8331, ext. 35 orjwolford@wvumc.org

2023 Health Plan Premiums
- Please note that the medical, dental, and vision plans have separate premiums.

2023 HealthFlex Plan Comparison (PDF)
- This document outlines the unique features of each of the six medical plan options, as well as the three dental plan options and two vision plan options.

How Do I Choose? (PDF)

Medical Information

HealthFlex Plan Document

BCBS Medical Benefit Booklet

BCBS Medical Provider Finder

Dental Information

CIGNA Dental Benefit Booklet

CIGNA Dental PPO Provider Finder

Prescription Information

Optum RX Covered Medications List


Learn more about the plans through these webinars:

WVUMC - Rx  

WVUMC - Health Accounts

* Please note that Retired Clergy and Active Clergy who are on Medicare will still utilize Benefit Assistance Corporation for their Medicare Supplement Plan. 

Learn more below:

Medicare Supplement Participants

The Medicare Supplement plan for Retired Clergy and Active Clergy who are on Medicare is offered through Benefit Assistance Corporation. Dental is also still provided through this plan, utilizing the 4Most Network.

Medicare Supplement Health Plan Document

Benefit Assistance Corporation

4Most Network Providers (Dental)

Medicare Small Employer Exemption

Eligible health plan participants, those who are still actively serving the church, will be moved to Medicare under the umbrella of the Small Employer Exception. Retirees will not be affected by this change.

Click on links below to read plan details.

Memo to Churches 

Memo to Participants 

Plan amendment enabling change

Medicare Pathways Presentation 

UM Medicare Q & A 

Medicare Part B, Application for Enrollment