Celebration of Mission Event Distributes $76,545.00

By WV UMC Admin

Cash funds received for the Celebration of Mission Event through June 30, totaling $76,545.00, have been distributed to the 10 Conference Mission Ministries supported by the Celebration of Mission Event. Our 7 Conference Mission Projects, the New Vision Depot and Volunteers in Mission each received checks from the Conference Treasurer totaling $4,710.00. The Clarksburg Parish Church and Community Ministry received a 1/2 share of $3,705.00. In addition, 10% of Undesignated Cash Funds were placed in the Mission Projects Trust Fund, administered by the United Methodist Foundation. Conference Mission Ministries receive an annual distribution from the Trust Fund.

Total donations for the Celebration of Mission Event for the first 6 months of 2022 were $10,000.00 less than for the same period in 2021. We are celebrating the 25th year of the Celebration of Mission Event and will continue to receive funds for distribution until the end of the year. Individuals are encouraged to give $1.00 for each year that the Celebration of Mission Event has existed, or $25.00 for the year, which will provide $2.50 of support for each of our 10 mission ministries. That may sound like a small amount, but an amazing total of support will be received as more and more persons realize the vital work our mission ministries are doing each day. We need to receive an additional $24,000.00 this calendar year to reach our goal for the Celebration of Mission Event.

Monetary gifts from the local church may be sent to the Conference Treasurer in Charleston as they are generated throughout the entire year.

  • Make checks payable:
    West Virginia Conference Treasurer
    PO Box 2469
    Charleston WV 25329
  • For church credit, all contributions must be written on a church check signed by the local church treasurer.
  • To mail checks to the Conference Treasurer, complete the conference remittance form and note the project number and “C.O.M.E.’ on the memo line of the check.
  • Send only checks or money orders to the Conference Treasurer. Do not send cash.
  • Monetary gifts may also be sent to your District Office, but checks should be made payable to the Conference Treasurer.

Please do not send Celebration of Mission Event money directly to the mission ministries. All funds should be sent to the Conference Treasurer.

All cash gifts are preferably remitted as “undesignated” so an equal distribution can be made to each mission ministry. A remittance form for local churches and individuals can be downloaded here.

In addition to cash gifts for the Celebration of Mission Event, our mission ministries continue to depend upon the tangible goods provided by churches and individuals. New district boundaries and overlapping supervisory responsibilities by the District Superintendents have caused some confusion regarding the destination of collected goods, so for the remainder of 2022 feel free to select the ministry to which you will send tangible goods. A new responsibility list will be published in 2023.

On behalf of all of our Conference Mission Ministries, thank you for your continued support of the Celebration of Mission Event. Everything you give goes for the direct support of the work done by those 10 dedicated ministries within the bounds of the WV Conference.