Help us Celebrate Campus Ministries!

By Shea James

We’re celebrating Campus Ministries at Annual Conference this year on Saturday June 11th!!

WVUMC Campus Ministries have shown great creativity over the past two years. Campus pastors have delivered pizza dough to students so that they could create and share a meal, even while they were physically apart.

Campus pastors shifted prayer meetings online, and Spring Break Mission Trips stayed in-state to honor university travel recommendations. While campus rules and regulations have changed repeatedly, campus ministries remained steadfast, showing up for students: building bridges and making connections.

Campus Ministries Shirt Back

The Campus Pastors are selling t-shirts that can be worn in support of campus ministries on Saturday, June 11th. Sport a t-shirt and share why you’re excited about campus ministry!  Campus ministry shirt sales are open through May 23rd, so act fast and order now!  

Follow this link to order your WVUMC Campus Ministry shirt!

Congratulations, WVUMC Campus Ministries!  We celebrate all that God has done through our conference campus ministries.