Floods of Love

By Judy Pysell

In 2016 when the ‘1000 year flood’ ravaged through some of the towns in WV, the ladies of Lockbridge UMC said, “What can we do to help the families who lost everything.” 

Twenty women came together and created 300 quilts to be given to the families of the flood ravaged areas. They called themselves, “Floods of Love.”

In December of 2021 a tornado hit Mayfield and surrounding areas in Kentucky and once again the ladies said, “Let’s help Kentucky!” 

Quilts were made once again and then handed off to Linda Hypes, who volunteered her time and talent to do the quilt top stitching on a long arm machine.

Four months later 175 quilts, which included a few crocheted blankets were blessed by Reverend Judy Pysell at Lockbridge UMC and one SUV, one pickup truck and six ladies; Judy Pysell, Nancy Isaacs, Sue Miller, Doris Critchley, Pat Hayes, and Vicky Malone, packed up and headed out, “Quilts for Kentucky” bound. 

Tables were set up at the Mayfield Fairgrounds distribution center in Kentucky and we handed out quilts to families who lost everything in the tornado. “I can’t begin to tell you how very blessed we were to be present to see the looks on their faces when they were handed a homemade quilt. We went to Kentucky to share God’s love and blessings with them and they blessed us with their thankfulness,” shares Rev. Judy Pysell.

One young lady came to receive a quilt and when she saw the one she wanted, she hugged it and said, “I saw this one on Facebook, this is the one I wanted.”

A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all those who volunteered their time and talent to bless the people of Kentucky. 

Quilters and non-quilters, come together every Monday morning at 9:30 at Lockbridge UMC. Some come to learn, some come to quilt, and others come to be blessed with fellowship. Everyone is welcome to come and help with the next project and be a blessing to others. 

There is always someone who needs help.