New Benefits with Proposed HealthFlex Plan

By Abbi Blosser

One of the proposed changes coming to Annual Conference is from the Board of Pensions, recommending a change in health insurance plans for active participants to HealthFlex, which is part of WesPath.

The current plan has faced a steady pattern of deficits over the past ten years, so the Board knew it was vital to find a plan that would give the West Virginia Conference more financial stability. The committee assigned to review options presented HealthFlex to the Board as a plan that would provide that stability, while also offering options for medical, dental, and vision coverage, as well as a wellness plan.

Note: No change is recommended for the Conference-offered Medicare Supplement and it will continue to be administered by Benefit Assistance.  

The HealthFlex plan offers six medical options, which allows flexibility for the participant. This may seem overwhelming at first, but both HealthFlex and your WVUMC Administrative team will be available to help you determine which option is the best for you when the enrollment period opens in the fall.

In terms of personal and church finances, the monthly premium payments will be split three ways. The West Virginia Conference will cover the majority, with the church and the participant splitting the rest. (See PDF form for the breakdown of the monthly premium.)

In response to concerns that the dental premium was now separate from the general medical premium, the Board of Pensions will offer an additional $40 per month to participants to put toward their premium costs.

With HealthFlex, 2022 will be the first time that WVUMC will be able to offer plans with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs).

An HSA is a pre-tax way to save for medical expenses. WVUMC will add funds to the HSAs for the H1500 and H2000 plans, and participants may also choose to save additional amounts. This is especially helpful for participants who have regular medical, dental, vision, or prescription costs. One of the big advantages of HSA accounts is that unused funds can be rolled over each year for future use, including for use after retirement.

HRA plans are funded entirely by WVUMC (no participant contributions are allowed) to help reimburse medical and dental costs.

HealthFlex’s Well-Being Programs are another set of benefits that participants will have access to as part of the plan. These extra benefits include:

  • Employee Assistance Program, a confidential counseling service,
  • MDLIVE, a way to speak with a physician about health concerns by phone or video when your regular doctor is not available,
  • Virgin Pulse (tracking healthy living),
  • Diabetes Prevention Program,
  • phone-based Health Coaching, and
  • discounts on WW (formerly Weight Watchers) membership fees.

The final decision on the move to HealthFlex will be made by vote at Annual Conference. Knowing that voting members may have additional questions, we have set up a page on the WVUMC website to answer most of the questions by participants.

If there are any questions not answered by the materials or FAQs, please contact your West Virginia Conference Administrative Team by using this form.