Annual Conference: from the Tech-room

By Pam Braden

Behind the scenes. . . there is an entire crew preparing for annual conference.

What was happening behind the scenes before the opening worship service began for the 2021 West Virginia Annual Conference?    

Preparations In the chapel.  In the GNTV production room.  In the Communications Team work room.  

Miles of cables.  Tech gear, TVs, and did we mention cables?

Sound checks.  Rehearsing the pre-recorded videos. 

Stress eating.  

Cameras in place.  Cameras everywhere.  

Rehearsing the live feed. 

Coffee brewing.  

Candles flicker on Christ’s table. 

This year’s Annual Conference kicked off with a worship service on Thursday, June 3, 2021 at 6 p.m.  There was anticipation as usual, but nothing is as before.  

While there aren’t many people in the beautiful Wesley Chapel, the ones who are in the building are focused on bringing the very best experience for those watching back at home.

Everyone is masked, so smiles are seen through the eyes.   But there may have been some ‘air’ high-fiving after our first service was done.

It was so good to be in worship.  Together.  Finally.