Joe Hill appointed to serve Midland South and Western Districts

By WV UMC Admin

Fellow Servants of the Western and Midland South Districts,

I have been long in sending out this letter. It seemed that every time I sat down to write to you, some new thought or feeling would surface as I took in the reality of this appointment as your Superintendent.  Luckily for you, taking some time to let my thoughts and feelings settle has made this letter much shorter. That is a gift I cannot promise to give you often.

My journey in the West Virginia Annual Conference began in the Western District. It is an honor to have the opportunity to support and guide the district that once supported and guided me. It is also an honor that I will still be able to continue my journey in service to the clergy and congregations of the Midland South District. To serve both the district that first embraced me and to continue serving the district that embraces me now is truly a joy.

It occurs to me that some might see this as an overly large task. In fact, it is more typical in scope than you may realize. The total combined physical size of Western and Midland South Districts is similar to either the Greenbrier District or the Potomac Highlands District. The total number of churches in Midland South and Western Districts is approximately the same as the total number of churches in the Little Kanawha District. More importantly, I am very aware and appreciative of the fact that in both Western and Midland South Districts there are very capable district leadership teams, devoted clergy, and committed congregations. Equally important is the fact that in both districts I am following fine Superintendents.

Leading where leadership has already been done well gives me comfort in regard to our task, not concern. I look forward to leading with you, following the Way of Christ with you, and discovering new ways to live that out for the hope and healing of our communities.

Any of you who know me also know that I have much more to say, but I said this would be brief. We will have plenty of time to talk together, to dream together, to lead together, and to live into God possibilities we have yet to catch sight of…together.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Joe Hill

Disticts Superintendent
Distirct Superintendents
Conference Superintendent