A special message from Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball

By Sandra Steiner Ball

The loss of life continues in our communities, in our state, and across the nation. Almost everyone knows someone who has died from or whose health and quality of life have been affected by COVID. And, if that wasn’t enough, the Charleston area lost a Police Officer, Cassie Johnson, while she was carrying out her duty to our community to protect and to serve.

My heart breaks for Cassie’s biological family and her extended family. My heart breaks for the law enforcement community. When one officer loses their life – it affects all those who have followed their calling and put their lives on the line day in and day out to protect and serve people they know and people they don’t. Cassie died too young. She still had so much to offer. It doesn’t make sense.

Every day that our law enforcement officers faithfully serve their communities, they risk their own lives to protect and serve. I give thanks for Cassie, for her willingness to protect and to serve our community. I give thanks for her life and for service. I give thanks for the gift she continues to be as an organ donor – even in death she continues to serve in order to bring protection and life to others.

Please pray for Cassie’s family and friends. Please hold our law enforcement officers in prayer. These are difficult and challenging times for persons who have answered the call to be a part of law enforcement across our nation as systems of inequity, power, control, authority, and racism are challenged and communities cry out for change.

And as this pandemic continues to take its toll on human life, also pray for our doctors, nurses, hospital workers – the custodians, food service employees, administrators, technicians, support staff, medical suppliers – who are daily risking their lives on the front lines in order to bring our communities protection, healing, and life.