Online Worship Survey

By Deborah Coble

In partnership with your communications team, we will use this survey to assess your current on-line worship strategy and envision the possibilities with the addition of new gear (or the configuration of existing equipment with some add ons). 

On-line Worship Survey

This form helps the local church identify current assets and helps your communications team help you explore next steps for on-line worship.
  • Please select from the dropdown menu.
    A streaming license is essential and affordable. A church with 25-99 average worship attendance should budget $205/year for licenses using CCLI, and $277 with One License.
    This helps to determine the setup and the type gear you will need to purchase.
  • Chose one of these options from the drop-down menu.
  • Please choose one of these options from the dropdown menu. While we hate that budget has to come into play, we know that we are responsible for being fiscally responsible. Your estimate should NOT include the potential On-Line worship grant money from Congregational Vitality.

Thank you for taking the survey. Someone from Communications will be in touch soon with some equipment suggestions. 

As you make decisions about new equipment, we encourage you to apply for the Online Worship Technology Grant, offered by Congregational Vitality! The due date for the technology grant is October 5th and is retroactive to purchases made since August 1, 2020. It includes software, licenses, and hardware purchases.