Pastors and Youth Workers, we need YOU!

By Shea James

Dear Pastors and Youth Workers,

The fall college semester is here, and the new COVID-19 safety measures in place on many of our campuses have created significant challenges for new students.  Now more than ever, Campus Pastors need your help to connect with the students from your congregations enrolled on our campuses.  While many of you submit students’ names with Charge Conference reports, that information does not reach us early in the semester when outreach is most effective.  

We are asking you to get permission from your students to share their contact information with us. Please contact our campus pastors directly with the following information regarding students from your churches:  Name; email address; if the student is living on campus or off; and cell phone (if available).

Thank you for taking the time to share contact information with our campus pastors.  This information helps young people form meaningful relationships when they are new on campus. Most importantly, it allows campus pastors to discover students on campus so that young people can grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.  

Concord University
Rev. David Johnston

Fairmont State University
Rev. Maria Wiblin

Marshall University
Rev. Benjamin Wells

Potomac State University
Rev. Lauren Godwin

West Liberty University
Rev. Deborah Dague

West Virginia University
Beth Johnson

West Virginia Wesleyan College
Caitlin Ware