Burlington UM Family Services welcomes new CEO, honors retiring CEO

By Cheryl George

There are times of transition in every ministry, and for Michael L. Price, Sr., it is one of those times.

Michael Price

Price is transitioning from president and chief executive officer of Burlington United Methodist Family Services, Inc. to retirement while showing the ropes to Rev. Chris Mullett, the newly hired president and chief executive officer.

The two men have been working together since April 1 to Price’s June 30 retirement to ensure a smooth leadership transition.

Burlington United Methodist Family Services has been Price’s home since 1996 when he began as a treatment associate after his military retirement. He became CEO in 2011. During his tenure, he has seen many changes in both leadership and programming.

Price is one of those leaders who does not ask anyone to do anything he would not do. He has worked as treatment associate, case manager, operations supervisor, treatment plant manager, program manager, trainer/Continuous Quality Improvement, vice president of the Burlington campus and president/CEO.

Price is a visionary leader and has worked to build Burlington United Methodist Family Services into an extraordinary institution with national renown. The institution is accredited by Educational Assessment Guidelines Leading toward Excellence Accreditation, the only faith-based accrediting body in the country. The accrediting program is operated by the United Methodist Association of Health and Welfare Ministries.

The West Virginia Conference knows the touch of Burlington United Methodist Family Services. Its community-based programs have been developed in every county in the state and in Garrett County, Md. The State of West Virginia relies on the organization for essential services and programs for young families, children, adoption and foster care, recovery, and residential treatment for youth.

Burlington United Methodist Family Services continues to look for ways to reach the hurting and lost in our communities.

Rev. Chris Mullett

It is expected that Mullett’s experience and calling will continue the growth and efficacy that is a part of the organization’s vision.

Burlington United Methodist Family Services seeks to be a leader in providing superior and innovative services to every child in need regardless of who they are, what they have done, or where they live by empowering them to discover and fulfill their spiritual, academic, personal, and professional dreams and passions.

Rev. Mullett served in pastoral ministry with the UMC and the Church of the United Brethren in Christ until he began leading human service organizations, including World Vision Appalachia in Philippi, Clarksburg Mission, and the West Virginia Epilepsy Foundation. He comes to Burlington United Methodist Family Services from Bridgeport. He is married to Trina Runner. They have a blended family of older teenagers and young adults.

Rev. Mullett will face many challenges as president and CEO in this era of federal and state government funding challenges, the need for more programs, including recovery and higher intensity treatment programs for youth, and the continued increase in families affected by addictions.

Price has laid a foundation of ingenuity and service that has created strong relationships with other agencies and government programs that Rev. Mullett is expected to nurture and grow. 

Rev. Mullett invites you to learn more about Burlington United Methodist Family Services; request a speaker to come to your churches or other organization to speak about the work of the organization and how you may be involved.

To donate, visit Burlington’s website (http://www.bumfs.org/).

 A retirement service to honor Price was held on June 26.

If you would like to send a card or acknowledgment to either Michael Price or Rev. Chris Mullett, you can reach them at: BUMFS, Inc., c/o Sandra Stump, Executive Assistant, 120 Hope Lane, P.O. Box 69, Burlington, WV 26710.  The e-mail address is sstump@bumfs.org

The West Virginia United Methodist Church is honored to support Burlington United Methodist Family Services and its mission of changing lives by preventing harm and providing hope & healing to hurting children and families. More information is available online at https://www.wvumc.org/change-the-world/health-and-welfare/burlington-united-methodist-family-services/