Online worship technology grants available!

By Ken Willard

As the congregations of the West Virginia Conference are living in unprecedented times, the office of Congregational Vitality seeks to offer practical and timely support for congregations to connect to their communities and members while social distancing measures are a necessity. (And even once those measures have been lifted.)

We are offering matching grant to help offset expenses related to launching online worship services (ex: equipment, software licenses, etc.). If the total start-up investment needed is $450 and the church/charge invests $225, a grant of $225 could be awarded; if the total start-up investment needed is $1,000 (or more) and the church/charge invests $500 (or more), a grant of $500 could be awarded. Maximum grant $500

If you would like assistance in determining equipment, software licenses, etc. that would work best in your context or if you’d like to have a conversation about how to best integrate new technology into what you already have at hand, we suggest that you contact your Conference Communications team. (Director of Communications Deborah Coble may be reached via email)

GRANT DEADLINE:  submission deadline is Friday May 8, 2020

You may go back to March 15, 2020 for purchases related to your new online worship strategy.


When submitting this application, send it to

You must copy the church/charge pastor, Church Ad. Board Chair, Lay Leader, and the District Superintendent.

NOTE:  Priority will be given to churches/charges which have a history of faithful payment of apportionments and for those focusing on reaching new people.

Follow this link for the grant application.