Responding to the Opioid Crisis – small group resources for the local church


For the past two years, Barry Steiner Ball has been teaching groups of all sizes, both within and without the church, about the opioid crisis. In a newly produced three-part video series, Barry asks and answers some of these questions:  

  • How did we ever get to this point?  
  • Why would someone willingly join the ranks of those suffering from Substance Use Disorder?  
  • How much potential have we lost as a society by these untimely deaths and unproductive years suffering from Substance Use Disorder?  
  • How can we prevent new cases of Substance Use Disorder?
  • As the Body of Christ, the church, what can we do?

This three-part small group study includes discussion questions to stimulate conversation. The presentation as a whole is also provided for larger group gatherings. 

Follow this link to access the video resources and study guides for the local church!