Celebration of Mission 2020

By WV UMC Admin

Through our gifts, we celebrate the ONE who calls us to mission.  2020 will be the 23rd year of  Celebration of Mission Event gatherings to support our Conference Mission Ministries, which include the Conference Mission Projects, the Church and Community Ministries, the New Vision Depot and the Volunteers in Mission.  

Over the past 11 years, the Celebration of Mission Event has raised $1,163,806.78 in cash, plus an estimated $500,000.00 in tangible goods for our mission ministries.  For the past several years every penny received has been distributed to aid our mission ministries in the WV Conference.


An opportunity for all persons and churches to present the fruits of our faith, labor and commitment to the support of our United Methodist Mission Ministries:  Conference Mission Projects, Church and Community Ministries, Volunteers in Mission and the New Vision Depot Disaster Response.

Reaching out to help the needs of our annual conference through local fundraising by making and selling crafts, quilts, food items, and by gathering material goods for mission kits, food for hungry persons, and providing for other needs as they arise.

Celebrating the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to do good in this world as the Body of Christ, and the joy of working together to help meet the needs of thousands of persons served by our Mission Ministries.

COME join other congregations in supporting conference missions with your presence on the day of the Event.  All sites will have informative project displays and representatives to share up-to-date information.  Some sites will have craft and quilt bazaars, meals, bake sales refreshments, worship, various forms of entertainment, auctions and much more.


Each Celebration Event will be accepting goods for specific conference missions.

Congregations are encouraged to collect items of food and goods for many months previous to the District Event.

Please consult the rotation for each year to determine which missions have been assigned to your district.  Informational pages for each mission can be found in the Celebration of Mission Book.  Pleased use this information to target the specific needs of the missions.

Need more information? Contact your district coordinator or contact the conference coordinator: Cliff Schell                                  cliffschell@frontier.com

Follow this link for District Coordinators List

Follow this link for the 2020 Celebration of Mission rotation

Follow this link for the 2020 Celebration of Mission Event Schedule

Follow this link for the 2020 Celebration of Mission book