Are you ready to take your worship experience to a new level?

By Ken Willard

What would a first-time guest say about a worship service at your church?

Would you describe worship as creative? Innovative? Memorable?

Are you ready to take your worship experience to a new level?!

Christ UMC in Wheeling, WV will be hosting a Creative Worship & Design Matters conference on Saturday April 25th

We live in a culture obsessed with image and screens. From the smartphones and tablet devices we carry everywhere we go, to the large screens in our living rooms; the world around us has shifted to a communication form that the church is still struggling to fully understand.

Regardless of worship style, it’s imperative that the church learn to embrace and master the use of image and creativity in the way we communicate the gospel in worship.

Spend the day with creative worship specialist, author and worship coach Jason Moore in an event designed for churches of all sizes, budgets and means. Whether your church has screens in worship, you are thinking about it, or have decided against them, this seminar has something for you.

Best experienced as a team, The Creative Worship Conference is filled with ideas that any church (large and small) can implement. Learn time-tested methodologies that transcend the traditional vs. contemporary wars and that will result in a more connected worship experience. Laugh, be inspired and walk away with clearly defined next steps for improved worship.

Deep, meaningful, transformative worship is within your grasp. Follow this link to register today!