Campus Ministry Update

By Kerry Bart

Tis the season of charge conferences, Christmas cantata rehearsals, and soon – final exams! While many of our churches are scurrying about, preparing reports and beginning Advent preparations our United Methodist campus ministers are keeping busy as well, doing their part to “discover, develop, and deploy passionate spiritual leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

College years are truly transformative times as young adults step away from the homes of their youth and pick up reins of independence. These years have great potential to form young adults as disciples and leaders, and they can be years of terrific stress as well.

Are there college students connected to your congregation? Let them know you love them and that you are there for them.

Most of our WV colleges and universities have at least a few days off for Thanksgiving. Maybe your church could have a gathering for college students one of those days or nights where they can share about campus life and be embraced by the congregation!

Also keep in mind that fall semesters are coming to an end: most of our college students will be taking semester finals the second week of December, with winter break beginning around December 13th.

Would you send your college students (or, if you don’t have a college student – perhaps the students at a nearby Wesley Foundation) a note of encouragement or a study/care package the first week of December? Let our college students and campus ministers know that they are an important part of our church life!

SchoolCampus MinisterFinalsWinter Break
West LibertyDebra DagueDec 7-13Dec 13-Jan 13
Concord Univ.David JohnstonDec 9-13Dec 13-Jan 13
Fairmont StateMaria WiblinDec 9-13Dec 13-Jan 13
Marshall Univ.Benjamin WellsDec 9-13Dec 13-Jan 13
Univ. Of CharlestonMark Pruitt-BarnettDec 10-13Dec 13-Jan 13
WV WesleyanLauren WeaverDec 13-17Dec 17-Jan 7
WVU Beth JohnsonDec 16-20Dec 20-Jan 13
Potomac StateLauren GodwinDec 16-20Dec 20-Jan 13

To follow are your WVUMC Campus Ministers, along with their contact information and the campus ministry gathering times – please share with your college students and parents!

Name: Beth Johnson
Location: WVU (Morgantown)
Regular weekly: THURSDAY 7P

Name: Benjamin Wells
Location: Marshall University
Ministry name: UMS
Regular weekly: THURsday 8pm

Name: David Johnston
Location: Concord University
Ministry name: Vine and Branches
Regular weekly: Weds evening worship, communion, fellowship (6:45pm)

Name: Debra Dague
Location: West Liberty University
Phone: (304) 280-9218 (personal)
Regular weekly: Weds 8pm College Life Fellowship

Name: Lauren Godwin
Location: Potomac State University
Phone: (304) 788-6820 (campus)
Regular weekly: Monday evening

Name: Mark Pruett-Barnett
Location: University of Charleston

Name: Lauren Weaver
Location: West Virginia Wesleyan College

Name: Maria Wiblin. COMMON GROUND, SUNDAY 630P
Location: Fairmont State University
Phone: (304) 367-4000 (campus)

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For more information about how your church may support campus ministry contact:

Rev. Shea James
Director of Youth and Outdoor Ministries
West Virginia Conference of the UMC
Phone: 304-344-8331 x25