New Youth Center construction underway at House of the Carpenter!


By Rev. Dr. Mike Linger,
Executive Director, House of the Carpenter

Construction has begun and progress is being made on the new Youth Center at the House of the Carpenter in Wheeling, WV.

Footers are being put in place and piers are being raised on the new facility. On Aug. 29th the electrical service will be rerouted and we can continue to expand the foundation into the northwest corner. The corner piers will be block. The elevator pit is being dug. The precast beams have been ordered. The progress has been steady and we are excited about watching the Center become a reality.

You can follow the construction live on YouTube! Search for House of the Carpenter Live Steam, then click on the “Live” option and you can follow the progress day by day!

Buy a block!

Due to the delays and the mandatory changes, the cost of the project has moved to $2.5 million. We need to raise the final $500,000. The House of the Carpenter is pursuing several options for funding the project. One of these has been the “Buy a Block” Campaign. To date, more than 710 blocks equaling $10,650 have been purchased. 

Churches, individuals, groups can all contribute to the blocks needed to construct the walls of the Center.  If you have any questions, please contact Mike at the House of the Carpenter at 304-233-4640 or