An Invitation To Gracious Communication at AC2019

By WV UMC Admin

With God’s help, as I listen, learn, and participate in Annual Conference business and worship, I will do my best to:

Listen with respect:

  • Listen for understanding, being open to God’s leading.
  • Listen with curiosity and compassion, especially when another is sharing something difficult for me to hear.
  • If I find others (or myself) “disagreeable”—I will turn to wonder, asking myself deeper questions of what might have led to their perspective?

Speak with respect:

  • Speak for myself (using “I” language) and focus on the question or issue at hand.
  • Speak in a way that invites conversation.
  • Hold myself and others accountable for demeaning or hateful speech, refusing to tolerate such speech that negates God’s love for all.
  • Help silenced or neglected voices be heard with respect.
  • Be gentle with myself and others; being mindful of wellbeing and emotions when conversations are difficult.

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