2019 Advent Devotions

Advent Season is here again, let each of us consider what it means to be called by God as we “Walk with Jesus” during this special time of preparation and anticipation.  What do you believe it means to “Walk with Jesus”? 

Giving material gifts to others is a good thing to do, as long as this is not our sole focus for the Advent Season.  Spending time with others to strengthen relationships. This is also an excellent way to occupy our time during Advent, especially if by becoming closer to someone else we can give guidance and instruction on the way Jesus wants us to celebrate his birthday.

Advent is the perfect time to consider, evaluate and become deliberate about our relationship with Christ.  First, spend time in prayer!  I would recommend meditating on the Word of God.  Listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit on your life as you meditate.

Have you ever felt God calling you to do something for Him?  God calls Laity all the time to accomplish tasks for Him.  Each person in the world was born with a purpose for which they are specifically qualified.  Some folks believe the only time God calls a person is to become a pastor or preacher.  No, some people do receive a call to pastoral ministry, but every one of God’s children have spiritual gifts.  God wants us to share with others the gifts he has given to us.

As we meditate during Advent, ask God what your spiritual gifts are, then ask how to share those gifts with others.  Unfortunately, many young people of today do not seek spiritual wisdom through the organized church.  But that does not mean they reject Jesus Christ.  Your spiritual gift may be the only gift that a young person may be open to receive.

I believe that by sharing our spiritual gifts with others we can make an everlasting impression on those who are seeking after spiritual awareness. If we share our spiritual gifts they may understand the meaning of their life.                       

Walk humbly with our God!
I welcome your questions, comments, and prayers!  

Rich Shaffer
WV Conference Lay Leader

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