January Prayer for lighting of the Globe Candle

By WV UMC Admin

Each church in the West Virginia Conference was gifted a globe candle at Annual Conference in June, 2018.  To learn more about the globe candles – follow this link to watch a video of Bishop Sandra Steiner Ball blessing the globes for our West Virginia Conference churches.

Each month a new prayer will be shared that may be used in worship as your church lights the candle.

These prayers are written by different laity and clergy across the conference and lift up our shared mission to discover, develop and deploy passionate spiritual leaders who make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world!

O God,

Now we pack away the Lights from the tree;
Light, Isaiah said, shines in darkness free.
And darkness overcome that Light not be.

Light You called forth: Your first created deed,
Splitting daytime, nighttime; how can it be:
When sun, moon, and stars, yet three days to be?

Your conceived Light, its secret unreleased,
Shone once upon magi from ‘way far’ East,
Whose claim, insiders thought, had no receipt.

So, John regaled us of His family tree.
How Light it was, is, and ever shall be.
This Jesus, Who said Light should shine through me.

A new year unfolds, its future unclear:
Hard options, dark skies, invite us to fear.
But none are exempt from Light drawing near.

Whose brilliance exposes fear to Hope’s will,
Through us, as bright as a city on hill,
So like days before, the dark shan’t prevail.

By this Ancient Light, none appears alike,
As what it may seem through ordinary sight.
May worriers, warriors both invite

The Light that shines strong, that’s never appeased,
Its goal to make sure all hearts fill with Peace.
Bearers of Light, in Jesus’ Name, be we.


(this prayer was written by Rev. Monty Brown)