Coming Soon At Your Church…

By Ken Willard

My wife and I love movies. How about you? What’s that last movie you went to see in a theater?

As you know, before you get to watch the featured movie, they are going to show you a few previews of new movies coming out soon. While most of the previews are for movies I don’t plan to come back and watch, there is almost always one or two I get excited about and can’t wait to see.

What does this have to do with churches? I’m glad you asked!

In a couple of weeks most of our churches will see more people in a worship service than they do at almost any other time of the year. For many churches, mixed somewhere in that group of relatives from out of town, members you haven’t seen for a while, and C & E people (Christmas & Easter), will be a new family or two.

I’m sure your Christmas service will be a wonderful, Spirit filled, worshipful time for everyone who is there.

Then what?

What will cause those new families to consider coming back next week? You don’t need to show “Coming Attractions” on the screen—but you might consider at least planting a few seeds about what you’re preaching on next week and maybe even next month.

Research shows that January is actually a very good month for people to connect to a church for the first time. Parents with children, people new to the area, or just individuals/families going through a transition will often see the new year as a time to either go to or go back to church. In most cases, this decision is influenced by attending a Christmas service.

Take some time now to be intentional about not just thanking everyone for coming to your Christmas service, but also inviting them to return next week and next month. What will you say? When in the service will you say it? What should be in the bulletin to invite people back? Is there a visual graphic image or token of some type which would help people remember?

btw—this practice of planting seeds and inviting people to return next week works every week. 😊

Don’t take anything away from the focus on Christmas . . . just be sure to everyone knows we do this every week!