Give your church communications a check-up!

By Joe Webb

When was the last time you checked your church’s website, social media pages, or other communications? It’s easy to assume our “inside” audience has all the information they need, but how are you communicating with your external audience: the folks in your community who may be looking to connect but haven’t found you yet?

Here are some quick tips to help you communicate more effectively:

  1. What time is it? A surprising number of church websites & Facebook pages don’t include service times. This is the most important thing for a potential visitor to your church wants to know…don’t leave them guessing!
  2. Location, location, location: Be sure your website & social media pages include your physical address (PO boxes aren’t helpful!) to help people find you. Many folks will use a GPS device or their cell phones to navigate to your location. Make it as easy for them to find you as possible!(*PRO TIP* Be sure to fix #1 & #2 above before moving on to the next tips!) 
  3. Making contact: If someone has a question, is there an easy way for them to reach someone from your church that can help them? Facebook Messenger is a very reliable tool and one visitors to your Facebook page will expect you to use. If you provide an email address or phone number, be sure someone will answer or promptly return a message.
  4. Dressed for success: Believe it or not, how people dress for church is an important issue. Is dress at your church very formal, business casual, or shorts-and-Hawaiian-shirt laid back? Nothing intimidates potential visitors more than not knowing what to wear, so be sure to show photos on your website & social media of how people dress at your services (or even state it outright!).
  5. Back it up! You can have the best website and social media presence in the conference, but it won’t mean much if people don’t feel welcome when they arrive. In fact, some folks won’t hesitate to leave a negative review on your Facebook page if they have a bad experience. From on-site signage, to your bulletin, to the way your people interact with visitors, practice radical hospitality…after all, loving people is our job!

Our Conference Communications Staff and District Communications Coordinators are here to help you be sure you’re getting the most out of your communications toolbox! Email us at to schedule a consultation!