Missionary Visits Liberty Chapel, Greenbrier District

By WV UMC Admin

Missionary Brother David Livingston from Entebbe, Central Uganda, East Africa came and celebrated Holy Week with the congregation at Liberty Chapel on the Leivasy Charge in the Greenbrier District.

Brother Livingston gave a powerful message about our importance to not only partner with God but to partner with each other even though we live miles apart, we must stay connected doing God’s work.

Brother Livingston was in the United States raising money to buy land in East Africa to build their church. He was amazed at how many abandoned churches we have in the United States and equally amazed at how few people attend the churches we do have. He said, “I wish I could pick up the churches that are closed and take them to Uganda.” He said, “In Uganda, the problem is not how to get people to come to church but where to put them when they do come.” He said, “They walk miles to church every week to hear the Word of God and it is not unusual to speak to a congregation of 300 or more at a time.”

Brother Livingston oversees 50 pastors and every Thursday they meet for three to four hours to connect and communicate with one another. They discuss their community needs, the needs of their congregations, what they can do to improve the conditions they are under and he said they pray, pray, pray.

Brother Livingston said that in the United States people go to the hospital to be treated but in Uganda they go to church for prayer in healing. There is no insurance in Uganda like we have in the United States so therefore no immediate medical help and thus they rely strictly on God’s power of healing through prayer.

Brother Livingston closed with these words, “We must partner for the work of God and our greatest investment is to partner with the Kingdom.”

Brother Livingston was also accompanied by a local group called “Kimberly Dawn Ministries” located here in West Virginia.

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